Boiler Installer in Newport Pagnell

At GPS Plumbing and Heating, we set the bar high when it comes to the service our boiler installers offer to customers. For us the installation itself is only one part of the role, which should also include: Diagnostic on your old boiler. Audit of energy use. Advice on type of boiler best suited to your household’s usage. Questions … [Read more...]

Heating Engineer Cardington

Looking for a Heating Engineer Cardington? The picturesque north Bedfordshire village of Cardington is probably best known for the development and production of airships early in the 20th century. The 21st century has found a new use for the massive airship hangars; they’re now used to film blockbusters such as the Batman films. GPS Plumbing and … [Read more...]

Heating Engineer Milton Keynes

Local Heating Engineer Milton Keynes For the past two decades GPS Plumbing and Heating Services has been building a strong reputation for providing local heating engineers across Bedfordshire, but recently we have been receiving more and more enquiries from Milton Keynes, just across the border in Buckinghamshire. We’re delighted develop the range … [Read more...]

LPG Gas Engineer Bedfordshire

In Need of a LPG Gas Engineer Bedfordshire? Bedfordshire is a county made up of two large towns – Luton and Bedford - and numerous small villages, and agricultural holdings. This demographic produces a high number of properties – around 25% - with no access to piped gas on their property. Where this is the case there are two alternative fuel … [Read more...]

Oil Boiler Engineer Kempston

Looking for an Oil Boiler Engineer Kempston? Travelling through Kempston today, it’s hard to imagine that it was once known as the ‘largest village in England’. It’s now a busy town situated to the south-west of Bedford, and very much a part of its urban infrastructure. Despite its growth Kempstonians are proud of their independent heritage and … [Read more...]

Looking for a Heating Engineer in Biddenham

Looking for a Heating Engineer in Biddenham? The picturesque village of Biddenham, takes unsuspecting visitors by surprise. The thatched cottages, village green, dovecote and ancient carp pond would not look out of place in the rural landscape of Suffolk, or Gloustershire. In fact it sits cheek by jowl with the bustling market town of Bedford, and … [Read more...]

Boiler Installer for Wilstead

Boiler Installer for Wilstead The historic village of Wilstead sits 5 miles south of Bedford, on the main road to Luton. Whilst only 2,500 people live in Wilstead, there’s a rich diversity of housing stock in and around the village, including: traditional farms, historic listed buildings, thatched cottages, 20th century homes, new builds, and a … [Read more...]

Boiler Installer for Elstow

Boiler Installer for Elstow The village of Elstow was founded as a wealthy Benedictine nunnery in the 11th century. Whilst the nunnery is long gone and the Bedford town boundaries have somewhat encompassed the village, the ancient heart of Elstow is still nestled around the church and village green. The GPS team have been providing plumbing and … [Read more...]

Oil Boiler Replacement in Cranfield

Do You Require an Oil Boiler Replacement in Cranfield? Some years it can feel as though the winter will never come to an end, especially if you’ve been nursing an old oil-boiler through the cold snaps – just hanging in there for that elusive Spring weather. GPS Heating and Plumbing engineers are well aware of the ‘new boiler dilemma’; should you … [Read more...]

Looking for a Heating Engineer in Woburn?

Looking for a Heating Engineer in Woburn? Woburn is known as ‘a perfect Georgian village’ and it’s high on the list of the tourist highlights in Bedfordshire. Whether visitors are attending the annual Village Festival, enjoying the delights of the Farmers’ Market, or admiring the wildlife and the good life at Woburn Abbey and Safari Park, they’ll … [Read more...]