Oil Boiler Installer for Bedfordshire

Friendly and Efficient Oil Boiler Installer for Bedfordshire Whilst oil boilers still have a way to go to rival the popularity of the gas boiler, the customer base for an oil boiler has been rising consistently over the past few years. At GPS Plumbing and Heating we tell our customers that there has never been a better time to consider swapping … [Read more...]

Unvented Hot Water Cylinders Bedfordshire

The Advantages of Unvented Hot Water Cylinders for Bedfordshire GPS Plumbing and Heating always has our customers interests at heart, and we’re keen on letting people know what their options are when it comes to making an investment in the homes. An example of this is the unvented hot water cylinder which is now available as an alternative to the … [Read more...]

Power Flushing in Bedford

GPS Provide Professional Power Flushing in Bedford As a local plumbing and heating business in Bedford, it matters to us that our customers’ central heating systems are being maintained in order to provide ongoing fuel efficiency and maximum life-expectancy. One of the most effective ways of ensuring this is to schedule a regular central heating … [Read more...]

Oil Boiler Installation or Repair in Bedfordshire

Oil Boiler Installation or Repair in Bedfordshire to Keep Your Family Safe and Your Heating Efficient As the last of the cold snaps die away, it’s tempting to forget that winter ever happened – especially as warmer weather means being able to turn off the central heating at last! GPS Plumbing and Heating engineers see the situation a bit … [Read more...]

Boiler Replacement in Riseley

There Couldn’t Be a Better Time for Boiler Replacement in Riseley The village of Riseley, just a few miles to the West of Bedford, is bursting into bloom as the spring weather starts to take a hold. This may sound like an odd time to be experiencing a rise in the number of calls our GPS Plumbing and Heating engineers are receiving about providing … [Read more...]

Oil Boiler Engineer in Bedfordshire

Looking for a Reliable and Professional Oil Boiler Engineer in Bedfordshire? Then look no further! GPS Plumbing and Heating started life in Luton back in 2005 which means we’ve been serving customers in Bedfordshire for over a decade now. Much of our customer base has been created through word-of-mouth recommendations, and we’re proud of the … [Read more...]

Oil Boiler installation in Bedfordshire

GPS Plumbing and Heating is Number One Choice for an Oil Boiler Installation in Bedfordshire For many households across Bedfordshire, whose home are not connected to the gas network, oil boilers provide an excellent, cost effective alternative to gas central heating. Over the past few years, however, GPS Plumbing and Heating has noticed a … [Read more...]

Boiler Replacement in Sandy

Now’s the Time to Think About Boiler Replacement in Sandy For small market towns like Sandy, located in the East of England, the first sign of Spring brings respite after the freezing winter temperatures. For many people, the fact that their oil or gas boiler has made it through the winter months is a major relief, and the temptation is to forget … [Read more...]

Boiler Replacement in Maulden

GPS Plumbing and Heating Services offer Efficient Boiler Replacement in Maulden Maulden is one of the network of small, rural villages in Bedfordshire, with customers who regularly call on GPS for their local plumbing and heating services. With boilers taking a bit of a beating over the winter period we’ve attended a number of boiler repairs in … [Read more...]

Boiler Replacement in Clophill

  GPS Plumbing and Heating Services Offer Expert Advice on Boiler Replacement in Clophill For many people on a tight budget, ongoing - and often costly - repairs to an old and inefficient boiler are a preferable option when contemplating how much it might cost for a replacement boiler. At GPS we service and maintain a number of boilers in the … [Read more...]